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Lifetime Guarantee

At Quality FootCare, we maintain a simple philosophy, "we like happy customers". This is why all QFC reusable surgical instruments are

covered by our unrivaled lifetime guarantee.
  • Should any of our reusable instruments, crack, bend, deform, corrode or fail while being used for its intended purpose, we will simply replace it with a new one or repair it free of charge. This guarantee
    applies throughout the working life of our instrument.

  • We do not require any purchase order numbers, copies of invoices or other proofs of purchase.
     The QFC brand on the product acts as your guarantee. All we ask is that the instrument is cared
    for and not abused. Our guarantee does not cover wear and tear. Please refer to our recommended procedures for care, maintenance and sterilization of QFC surgical instruments on page 68 of
    our main catalogue (we can also email you a copy).

Should any of our products require attention at any time, 

please call us at 1-866-833-9352 or email us at

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