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With any new MTI Chair purchases:

Upgrade your chair to the fully programmable model with 3 extra programmable positions at absolutely no extra charge!

Biological Sporview BI Tests 

Test Pack allows users to immediately release non implant loads with peace of mind from the STEAMPlus™ Sterilization Integrator, which is attached to a load record card.

The SporView®Plus Steam BI Test Pack is for use in both gravity and prevacuum sterilizers and is equivalent in performance to an AAMI BI Test Pack (PCD).

Media growth promotion has been validated for growth of G. stearothermophilus after exposure to a steam cycle of 132oC for 10 minutes.Check the biological at regular intervals for visual spore growth and record final biological indicator test results at 10 hours to comply with standards for routine sterilizer efficacy monitoring.

• QFC340 LZ 5.5" 

Flat angled Probe

• SS715 5" 

Straigh Jaw Nail Cutter

• QFC320 5.5" 2.2mm 

Scoop Probe

Buy one of our three new instruments and receive 15% off that instrument. 

Buy all three and receive 25% off the set. 

To claim this special, please quote WEB700 when placing your order.

• QFC705 5" Curved Jaw 

Nail Cutter (with Super Sharp Technology)

• QFC715 5" Straight Jaw 

Nail Cutter (with Super Sharp Technology)

Cuxson Gerrard 

Genreally regarded as the world's finest manufacturer of medical grade felt and foam products. This company had been in business for more than 150 years! Wow!

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